✨ We had the pleasure of interviewing Grace Watson; co host of Blunt Brunch Tucson and Sales Leader for Assured Partners.


What’s a struggle you have faced as a woman in the industry?
I am a woman in 2 industries of all men. Insurance is traditionally all men, a very, very, small percentage of women and so is cannabis as we all know. So, I think the struggle that I face the most is probably a lot of business owners think that insurance is something that should be handled by a man and so I sometimes have to bring in a male counterpart in order to be recognized as an insurance professional.

Why did you want to work in the cannabis industry?
I got into the cannabis industry in 2021 so, it’s been 2 years and the reason I decided to make my specialization cannabis is because I realized there was no one else in the market in Arizona that was really focusing on cannabis from an insurance standpoint. Then I realized after talking with just 3 people that everybody needed a lot of help. It’s a completely uneducated industry in terms of insurance and you all have been taken advantage of a lot.

How do you empower other women in the cannabis industry?
Blunt Brunch! I like to provide a space for women to be able to come together and just really be honest with each other and to use each other to get ahead in business and friendships. I’ve made some of my best friends doing Blunt Brunch and being able to sell my business but then also sell our friendships to each other that way people can collaborate and be friends.

What’s your favorite Halo Infusions product?
I like the 1:1 Chronic Health tincture, it is my go to for stressful situations. 1-2 drops eases my anxiety during stressful times without any intoxicating effects. Love it!!!

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Interviewing Grace Watson Halo Infusions Women's Empowerment Month, Grace Watson Interviewing Grace Watson Halo Infusions Women's Empowerment Month, Grace Watson

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