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Celebrating 11 Years

Celebrating 11 years of innovation and growth at Halo Infusions! ✨ Our journey has been one of passion, dedication, and commitment to quality. With the grand opening of our new kitchen, we’re stepping into a whole new chapter of possibilities. 🍬 Our brands – @aunt_ellies, @cannaconfections.az, @chronichealthaz, @cannabliss.az, @caninecbdtherapy, and Read more…

Tea Time Chronic Health Tincture Tuesday in hot tea Halo Infusions. full spectrum. best edibles in arizona. tucson edibles

Tea Time 🫖✨

Tea time!🫖✨ The holidays are over, now it’s time to relax and focus on the new year! For the mind. For the body. #chronichealth #glycerintincture #sublingual #addtoyourfavoritebeverage #teatime #fullspectrum #100mg #tincturetuesday #newyears #relax #anxietyfree #rest #haloinfusionsaz Halo Infusions operates under Lic. 0000153ESTXW47689762