White & Private Labeling

White labeling allows a company to sell another company's products under its own brand name and packaging. Private labeling involves working directly with a manufacturer to produce custom products tailored to your brand's specifications.

Infused products manufacturers in Arizona's nascent cannabis market face considerable difficulties staying compliant as regulations frequently change. Hiring specialized staff is challenging too due to federal cannabis restrictions. Production resources are strained by volatile market dynamics and rapid licensing. Dispensaries struggle managing complex inventory while rules evolve, and face supply disruptions from unreliable manufacturers. Margins are compressing from proliferating competition among brands.

Halo Infusions helps manufacturers and retailers overcome these hurdles through flexible white label and private label services. We offer rapid time-to-market leveraging our expertise honed over a decade plus our award-winning formulations. Our comprehensive solution handles production, testing, labeling, storage and fulfillment so you can concentrate on sales and marketing.

With formulations rooted in quality, versatile packaging, controlled inventory, efficient distribution and customer-centric service, our new kitchen provides cannabis businesses powerful resources to professionalize and grow brands in Arizona's blossoming market.

Halo Infusions is proud of our new state-of-the-art 7,000 square foot production facility, the largest cannabis kitchen in Arizona. This new facility empowers us to deliver exceptional services spanning formulation development, validation testing, production, inventory management, storage, distribution, and marketing support.

Halo Infusions Manufacturing

White & Private Labeling for the Arizona Market

Our experienced R&D team can collaborate with you on custom product formulations, whether adopting our proven recipes or innovating new creations tailored to your brand. We validate all formulations including testing for precise dosing, stability and shelf life.

Additionally, our packaging design services allow customizing labels, boxes, bags and other collateral to reflect your image. We can also assist with branding vision and graphic design.

With ample capacity even for large production batches, we provide inventory management, storage in climate controlled rooms, and order fulfillment solutions to simplify your supply chain. Whether for your own retail locations or extending distribution to other dispensaries, we can facilitate reliable delivery statewide.

Even after launch, our support continues. Our sales and marketing experts can provide tailored guidance on promotional initiatives, merchandising, budtender education and more, to spur your product success.

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White Labeling

Your Logo on Our Edibles

Halo Infusions' White Label Services allow you to sell our proven, award-winning products under your own brand name and packaging. We handle production, testing, labeling, packaging, storage, and fulfillment while you focus on sales, marketing, and building your brand. This rapid, low-risk model provides benefits including:

  • Leveraging our decade of expertise in infusion manufacturing
  • Increased margins and revenue vs traditional wholesale
  • Launching distinctive products in just weeks without large upfront investments
  • Controlling customer experience while avoiding production/regulatory burdens
    Expanding your product portfolio to enter new segments

Whether you're looking to establish or expand your brand, our white label service gives you a turnkey solution for growth powered by our excellence in formulation.

White Label Plus

Leverage Your Assets for Greater Return

White Label Plus provides all the traditional benefits of our White Label Services but with the additional advantage of allowing you to supply your own source cannabis material for infusion. This enables you to further reduce costs of goods sold, resulting in discounted wholesale pricing that maximizes your profit margins.

Additional White Label Plus benefits:

  • Monetizes excess concentrate inventory
  • Greater personalization reflecting your brand essence
  • Flexibility in choosing from diverse packaging options
  • Automatic 30% discount on orders exceeding $10,000
  • Competitive advantages to boost market penetration

Our White Label Plus program helps you realize the full potential of your assets through strategic integration with our production and distribution expertise.

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Private Label

We Do the Work for You

Our Private Label Services provide a fully customized production solution tailored exactly to your specifications. We collaborate closely to translate your vision into exceptional products that align seamlessly with your brand identity.

With a simple COGS plus 20% pricing model, private labeling represents the most cost-effective approach to building brand recognition.

Our Private Label Services benefits include:

  • Low-risk method for establishing brand identity
  • Painless supply chain solution without production/scaling worries
  • Rapid time-to-market for new products
  • Flexibility to adjust products based on market trends
  • Opportunity to sell your products wholesale/retail
  • Ongoing support to promote your branding

Let our award-winning team put your brand on the map through the power of private labeling.

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In any competitive market, partnerships are critical to building and maintaining market share. Our White & Private Label programs provide a low-risk method for brand identity development with a competitive pricing model.

Addressing supply chain concerns, we manage scaling production and distribution, ensuring a painless solution for retailers. Enjoy rapid time-to-market and the opportunity to extend products to wholesale markets with our comprehensive support throughout the process.

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