Validating Potency of Edible & Topical Products for Adult Use

Download Validating Potency of Edible & Topical Products for Adult Use HERE

In recent weeks, the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) provided guidance to the Medical Marijuana Testing Advisory Committee (MMTAC) on how to confirm a potency label is compliant for Marijuana and Marijuana products.
All products tested for Potency must be labeled within a +/-20% window of the Reported Value on the COA; This is true under both the Medical and Adult Use Rules.
For Edibles and Topicals, which have targets (Label Claim), there is more complexity involved because of the calculation that is required to confirm the label claim falls into that range.
For calculating the Potency of Halo Infusions Edible and Topical products follows this formula:

Potency = Reported Value (COA) +/- 20%

By example, a Brownie’s Label Claim of 100mg THC must have a Reported Value of between 83.4mg and 125 mg because 83.4mg is 20% less-than, and 120 mg is 20% greater-than, the Reported Value.
However, because the Potency calculation is based on the Reported Value, and NOT the Label Claim Value, it can be confusing to validate 100mg limit product qualification for Adult  Use.

calculation for edible and topical products halo infusions graph