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Behind the Scenes

🎥 Behind the Scenes: White Chocolate edition 🎬 Our specialized and experienced Chocolatiers use only the highest quality ingredients. Our gourmet Chocolate is made with love just for you! 🤍 Made with Full Spectrum Multi-C@nn@binoid extract. 💥👊💥 Halo Infusions operates under lic.0000153ESTXW47689762 #cannaconfections #whitechocolate #belgianchocolate #highquality #gourmet #fullspectrum #haloinfusionsaz

Cozy Up Classic Brownie in front of the fire. Aunt Ellie's. Halo Infusions. Full spectrum. best edibles in arizona. tucson edibles

Cozy Up

Cozy up by the fire this Thanksgiving with Aunt Ellie’s award-winning classic brownie! ✨ Baked with Full Spectrum, RS*-Style, and always free from is*lates or distill*tes. Let us bring warmth and joy to your holiday. Experience the ‘Entourage Effect’ as we bake you happy! #FiresideHappiness #RSOStyleDelight #haloinfusionaz *nothing for sale!* Read more…