Nature Med’s very own General Manager, Amanda Daly! ✨

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What’s a struggle you have faced as a woman in the industry?
As a woman in this industry I’m pretty blessed to not have my gender be a hindrance on my career. I am actually pretty blessed to have worked with a lot of women in leadership and I think in this industry it’s something you don’t see too often. I would say that women are viewed as natural caretakers and just kind of breaking that stigma that we are here to take care of business and not take care of you as a person. I think just getting down to it that we are about business, we are here and we are doing it.

Why did you want to work in the cannabis industry?
When I was in college I made lots of connections through cannabis, meeting people I never thought I would come across. I think that’s really what drove me into the industry. Once I graduated it was a brand new world and something I wanted to get my foot into. Thankfully I have been able to grow into it as well.

How do you empower other women in the cannabis industry?
I’m a big YAS QUEEN, talking our women up. You know something that definitely gets lost in the business world is that connection and I feel like it’s very easy for women to connect. To be like,
“aye girl your hair looks good,” or, “that sale went
awesome,” or, “you ran that booth great!” Blunt Brunch has been a really nice networking event being able to meet a lot of women in the industry and support their brands.

What’s your favorite Halo Infusions product?
Definitely the Pure & Simple Juices! Hands down! I love ’em. Any flavor: Apple, Prickly Lemonade, Hibiscus Citrus, and Orange!

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