On this Father’s Day, we want to give a shoutout to Murray Stein, the leader of Halo Infusions. Not only is he an excellent boss with a clear vision, but he’s also a great father figure. Murray is a kind, humble, generous, forgiving, and supportive person who cares deeply about our LGBTQ+ and cannabis community. He has been advocating for cannabis consumers for a decade now, and we’re grateful for his commitment.

To us, Murray is an inspiration, mentor, and role model who always encourages us to follow our dreams and be proud of who we are. Today, we’d like to thank him for being an outstanding Chief Edible Officer who motivates us to do our best and be the best version of ourselves. 🏳️‍🌈

Happy Father’s Day to the man whom we affectionately call “The Dog Father!” 🧡

The Dog Father at Halo Infusions Halo Infusions PRIDE CEO of Halo Infusions

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