The Potent Pairing: Chocolate and Cannabis

Canna Confections chocolate bars 3-bars graphic side ways. best edibles in arizona. tucson ediblesChocolate and cannabis, two beloved indulgences, share a surprising connection. Their interaction hinges on the role of fats in boosting the effects of cannabis. Both provide ease of anxiety, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and mood regulation.

Fats and Enhanced Effects

Both chocolate and cannabis contain fats that can amplify the effects of cannabinoids. These compounds are fat-soluble, making them more efficiently absorbed when dissolved in fats. Consuming cannabis-infused chocolate, rich in fats, improves bioavailability, intensifying the high and extending its duration. The fats help slow down cannabinoid metabolism, ensuring a sustained effect.

Infusion Methods and Quality Butter

The key to effective cannabis-infused chocolate lies in the infusion method and the choice of fats. Most edibles use cannabis-infused butter or oil, with butter being a favored carrier due to its high-fat content. Our unique infusion method plus the butter in our chocolate have the fat content needed to give the best effects possible. This butter evenly distributes cannabinoids, ensuring a consistent experience. 

The Perfect Combination

The combination of chocolate and cannabis is more than a treat; it’s a scientific synergy. When properly executed, this pairing offers a harmonious interaction between cannabis compounds and chocolate fats, resulting in a stronger, longer-lasting high. This is particularly beneficial for medical cannabis users seeking sustained relief. Canna Confections provides a variety of flavors to choose from such as dark, milk, and white chocolate. You can enjoy all these flavors in both 100mg and 500mg variations, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

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