RSO rick simpson oil halo infusions information for patientsRSO is named after Rick Simpson, who made headlines over a decade ago about his personal search for a cure for cancer. Rick dedicated himself to spreading his message that cannabis can be used as medicine. Although Rick’s work introduced the public to Cannabis Oil, the technique he uses to make his oil has been well known for some decades. Rick taught people to reduce the plant matter in a solvent solution (typically ethanol), to create a concentrated form of cannabis resin he called “Rick Simpson Oil”, otherwise known as “Honey Oil”. According to Rick Simpson, RSO can be used for a variety of ailments and symptoms, including MS, pain, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, infections, inflammations, blood pressure, depression, sleeping problems and other medical issues.

Effects of RSO – Because RSO is typically 75% THC or greater, it is extremely potent. As a result, users, especially new ones, should be very cautious in following established dosing protocols. Like other forms of concentrated cannabis, RSO will provide a very potent experience. As RSO is typically made with highly sedative and potent Indica strains, the medication experience will tend to be more physical than cerebral. Many individuals will feel an extreme body high, which may be characterized as extreme tiredness, and which in time will reduce. Recommended RSO dosing protocols are intended to help the user build their tolerance over an extended period, thereby minimizing the more extreme effects.

Administration & Dosage – Rick Simpson recommends the following dosing protocol for RSO:
60g (or ml) total, ingested over a 90 day period:
Day 1-4: ~¼ drop, 3 times/day
Day 5-8: ~½ drop, 3 times/day
Double dosage every 4 days up to 1 g (8-9 drops, 3 times/day)


Complimentary Use with Other Modalities – There are no specific guidelines for using RSO with other cannabis products. If a user wishes to simultaneously medicate with other forms of cannabis, vaporize, or apply the oil to pre-rolls, it is recommended they use caution so as to avoid over-medicating.

Storage & Shelf-Life – Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is commonly available in glass or plastic syringes packaged in 1 gram (milliliter) quantities. RSO should always be stored in a cool, dark location away from light. RSO may be refrigerated to extend its shelf life. It should never be frozen.


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DISCLAIMER: Information provided is excerpted from sources including The National Institutes of Health, Rick Simpson ‘Phoenix Tears’, and Americans for Safe Access, as well as scholarly sources. This information is intended only to complement, not to replace or contradict, any health or medical advice or information provided by healthcare providers. Customers who have questions should contact their doctor or other healthcare professional. Rev 111721.