Orange Juice (8oz) [100mg]

$16.00 MSRP
100mg THC, plus trace cannabinoids
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Orange Juice.  Freshly squeezed from local sources.  Infused with 100mg of activated cannabinoids. 10 servings or 10mg each.

Warranty - Pure & Simple

Halo Infusions & Extractions takes product quality very seriously.  If a customer is unsatisfied, they may request a refund or replacement directly from the dispensary they purchased the original product from.
Requests for return/replacement should be be submitted to or call 520-664-2279.
Store in the refrigerator for up to 4 months. Use within 6 days of opening.

Dosing Pure & Simple

General Considerations
Infused beverages are taken orally, and the effects are generally felt within 45 minutes to an hour. Relief typically lasts between 2 and 4 hours.
In comparison to other ingestion methods, the onset of effects from beverages is moderate.  For example, edibles such as brownies are harder to digest than an infused drink, and hence take longer to be felt.  Tinctures by comparison have a very short onset of a few minutes.
Infused drinks have another benefit in that they can be simpler to dose in small amounts.  For example, a patient may only consume a only a portion of a bottle, and then periodically take additional doses over time to sustain their relief.  Because beverage dosing provides such fine grain control, they are also easier for inexperienced patients.

Specific Recommendations for Infused Juices
Each 8 ounce bottle is infused with 100mg each of activated THC, together with other trace cannabinoids which help deliver the entourage effect.
A typical dosage is 10mg, or 25ml on attached dosing cup.  More experienced patients with higher tolerance may increase their dosage to 20mg or more.
Patients with limited or no edible experience should begin with a no more than a 10mg dose.  Wait 45 minutes.  If effects are inadequate, take another 10mg dose and wait an additional 30 minutes.
How Much is Too Much?
It is definitely possible to ingest more cannabis than you need or want. It can take an hour or more for the medicine to take full effect, therefore it is common to increase your dosage prematurely.
When this happens you may have feelings of uneasiness, anxiety, or even paranoia. You might also feel dizzy, groggy, nauseous, or get chills. Your coordination might be affected and you may have trouble speaking clearly. Some people experience heart rate acceleration, which can further increase the anxiety.
DO NOT PANIC! It is impossible to ingest a toxic dose of marijuana. Nobody has ever died from ingesting too much cannabis. It does not slow your respiratory system or cause organ failure, even in extreme doses.
The best remedy for ingesting too much cannabis is to sleep it off. The peak of the effects should take place about an hour after you begin to notice them and begin to dissipate after that. It has been found that the fat in milk can help move cannabinoids; (Including THC) more quickly through the body, ameliorating the effects of the over dosage.

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