Cannabis-infused edibles can be a healthy and discreet way to medicate, providing the benefits and relief of smoked cannabis without many of the associated concerns.

A rich variety of edible products provide consumers with an assortment of options from which pain management can be approached. The body, processing different edible preparations at different rates, experiences the onset, relief and duration of the medicine in different ways.

Consumers aware of the resulting effects associated with different cannabis products are able to select edibles accordingly, specific to their individual needs.

Edibles are typically infused using either “Cannabutter” or Concentrate. Cannabutter is made by immersing cannabis plant material in a butter or oil-based bath, followed by filtering, and then using the resulting infused butter or oil to cook with. Most infused edibles are made with some form of extracted Concentrate using specialized extraction equipment that strips cannabinoids from the plant using very cold liquid solvents.

The resulting concentrate is typically mixed with an intermediary oil, syrup, glycerin or other consumable compound prior to production.


Common Types of Edibles

cannabis infused aunt ellies brownie edibles halo infusions-TyBaked Goods – Baked goods are perhaps the most common of all infused products. They provide consumers with long lasting pain relief in the form of a tasty indulgence. Examples of common baked goods are brownies, cookies, cupcakes and rice crispy treats.

Lollipops & Hard-Candy – Lollipops and hard candy are usually infused using either cannabis oil, concentrate, or tincture, most typically with vegetable glycerin. Dissolving in the mouth and not requiring digestion, lollipops and hard candies activate rapidly and do not require an appetite to consume. Lollipops and hard candy provide an inconspicuous way to medicate because of their discreet size and nondescript appearance.

Chocolate – Chocolate edibles are typically made using kief – or more commonly – concentrate, blended in an intermediate oil or butter. Products vary from candy bars and truffles to chocolaty drinks. Combined with the health benefits and serotonin-enhancing properties of cocoa, chocolate edibles are a very popular means to medicate.

cannabis infused tinctures chronic health halo infusionsTinctures – Tinctures are a medicated liquid preparation of either alcohol or vegetable glycerin, providing users with an alternative approach to traditional cannabis dosing. Taken as drops either sublingually (under the tongue), or in a hot beverage, tinctures are rapidly absorbed directly into the blood stream. Use of a dropper also provides more accurate dosing. Taken together, these benefits make tinctures a practical choice for those who need the immediate relief provided by smoking, but without any of the associated health concerns.

Capsules – Easy to digest, convenient and discreet, cannabis capsules are a practical choice for people looking for alternative methods to smoking or ingesting cannabis. Capsules contain cannabis-infused oils, most commonly sesame or coconut oil that has been activated for the body’s immediate absorption.



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