Infused beverages offer users a delivery method that does not involve smoking, is simple to dose, and is easy to digest.

An extraction of active cannabinoids from the whole cannabis plant, infused beverages provide moderate-term relief and fine dosage control, similar to that of tinctures.

Just Orange Juice (8oz) [100mg] pure and simple halo infusionsLike many other edibles, beverages must be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, which requires up to an hour for the effects to be felt. Unlike other edibles such as brownies or gummies, juices are more easily broken down and absorbed by the body, resulting in a faster and more pronounced onset of relief.

Effects of Infused Beverages – The psychoactive effects of infused beverages may vary with manufacturer, but are typically the same as other edibles, with relief lasting about half as long.
Medicinal effects are partially dictated by the plant’s strain, however, as is true with most edibles, the dominant classification as Sativa or Indica provides the best measure of the likely effects. Infused beverages can help relieve pain, and assist in treating insomnia, migraines, nausea, and anxiety, as well as aid in appetite stimulation.

Administration & Dosage – Dosage among users varies based on individual tolerance, generally between 5-10mg, with relief lasting from 2 to 4 hours.Hibiscus Citrus Juice Blend (8oz) [100mg] pure & simple
Waiting an estimated 20 minutes is suggested before increasing the dosage, thus allowing enough time to pass for the medicine to activate and reach the optimal effect.
The potency of infused beverages will vary significantly, depending on whether consumed on a full or empty stomach.

Complimentary Use with Other Modalities – Infused beverages are complementary to other cannabis ingestion modalities, such as in combination with smoking, tinctures, topicals or other products, to achieve a complete therapeutic end result. Use caution when dosing with multiple modalities at the same time.
Typically, infused beverages are consumed to provide fine dosage control and moderate duration of effects.

Storage & Shelf-Life – Most infused beverages are pasteurized, but nonetheless have limited shelf life. Generally speaking, carbonated beverages have the longest shelf life prior to opening and the shortest afterward. Juices and similar fresh products have a frozen shelf life of a few months, three weeks if refrigerated, and up to 5 days of shelf life after opening.

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