Cannabinoids are the unique compounds that bind to the human endocannabinoid system and instantly modulate or “balance” any inconsistency they find. This “homeostasis” property is further aided by other compounds present in the plant.

Cannabis is full of terpenes and phenolic compounds, which are also found in many other plants and are responsible for their bright colors, strong aromas and medicinal properties. While hundreds of studies on marijuana compounds like THC and CBD have shown significant efficacy, isolated compounds are just the beginning when it comes to the plant’s true healing potential. We truly believe in the whole plant.

It is now commonly recognized that the interplay of all these different compounds (known as the Entourage Effect), is really what makes medical marijuana so effective as a medicine. Whole Plant Therapy refers to the use of the full complement (or spectrum) of these compounds.

Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid TherapyBroad Spectrum Cannabinoid Therapy refers to the capturing of the broadest possible range of cannabinoids (and other compounds) when infusing products.

In practical terms, no current production process today is able to effectively extract and recombine all of the known and potentially beneficial compounds in Cannabis and Hemp. Full Spectrum is a misnomer and does not actually exist. In practice, Full Spectrum is Broad Spectrum after a “winterization” stage that removes waxes and cellulose.

At The Halo, our processes and methods employ extraction, storage, and infusion techniques that significantly help minimize the loss of key compounds. And while no method is foolproof, we strive to deliver cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are as complete as possible and truly representative of the original plant and its benefits.