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In October 2023, the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) updated the rules for
marijuana product labeling. Those changes, highlighted below, have been implemented by Halo
Infusions to meet these new statutory requirements. This quick reference sheet highlights the
latest rule requirements and Halo Infusions compliance.
Changes to the Prior Rules
Prior to the adoption of the October 1, 2023 Rules, Arizona Marijuana Establishments and their
sublicensees were required to follow the previous Draft Rules. The key differences between the
prior rules and the latest rules relate to additional label information requirements and
incorporation of a Quick Resource Code (QRC), containing a web link. The information required
by these rule changes includes:
● The Marijuana Establishment License #
● Marijuana Source Supplier License #
● The Harvest Date of the Marijuana (if applicable)
● The Amount, Strain, and Batch # of the product
● The Form of the Marijuana product (flower, extract, edible, etc.)
● The Weight of the Marijuana product
● Potency Test Results, including THC, CBD, and other label claims
● The Method of Extraction
● The Marijuana product’s Manufacture Date
● License Numbers for the Marijuana Establishment selling the product
● The Arizona Department of Health Services Warning
● The additional Warning: “Using marijuana during pregnancy could cause birth defects or
other health issues to your unborn child.”
Further to AZDHS Rules, Halo Infusions incorporates a QRC Code on all products it manufactures.
The QRC Code is located on the Package (Zebra) Label and would appear similar to this:

QR zebra Arizona cannabis label







As confirmed by AZDHS, all information required by the October 1, 2023 Rules are included on
either the Package (Zebra) Label on each product, or on a website accessible from a QRC code.
The reverse side of this document provides a one-to-one matching of rule requirements to the
Halo Infusions Testing Web page and its contents.

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