Since January 2013, Halo Infusions & Extractions has combined the science of cannabis with a love of delicious treats to bring patients accurately dosed, high quality edibles, juices, tinctures and topicals. Whether it’s a cookie, candy or pain-relieving lotion, our exacting standards ensure consistent products.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
Our infusion processes use high quality concentrate extracted from flower bud, grown and processed exclusively in our partner’s 50,000 sq ft Large Scale Cultivation (LSC) facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Our growers cut no corners in developing and cultivating choice select strains in 100% organic conditions.

Halo Infusions’ edible products are made using High Terpene, Full Spectrum Extract produced from the whole Cannabis or Hemp plant, using our proprietary processes that preserve the original terpene and phytonutrient profiles. Our topical products are made from Cannabis or Hemp Trim, which brings along valuable fats, lipids and other nutrients which aid our topical products with epidermal absorption.

Quality Tested – Potency Assured
Accurate dosing is a clear goal of any serious infused edible manufacturer. Our significant experience in a variety of infusion methods ultimately guided us to concentrate as the basis for the most efficient and precise dosing.Our concentrate manufacturing process relies on state-of-the-art industrial grade ethanol-based extraction processes and equipment certified for medical use. Our closed-loop extraction system removes 99.99% of all solvents prior to the product entering an extended multi-day vacuum purging to remove any trace solvents.As a result, there are virtually no detectable impurities and all are well below established FDA, CDC, USP, and AHPA limits. Further, our testing standards exceed those of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington state.

Fully Infused for a Simply Better Experience
Some kitchens simply spray cannabis oil on cheap bulk candy and cookies and call them infused. Variability in application, exposure to air and light, variations in absorption, and many other factors make this method sub-optimal for achieving accurately dosed edibles.

Our infusion process adds concentrated cannabinoids directly into the edible ingredients prior to their cooking to ensure an even distribution of medicine and a more consistent and prolonged medication experience.

We Bake Every Day For You
Our kitchen runs 24/7 to provide you with the finest quality edibles available. Look for us in fine dispensaries throughout Arizona or find our products online at