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1000mg of Happiness: Aunt Ellie’s Extreme! Brownie Takes the Stage

Aunt Ellie's proudly presents the Extreme! Brownie - a testament to premium-quality cannabis-infused treats. Baked meticulously with 1000mg of Full Spectrum concentrate, this brownie is a treasure trove of delectable flavors and therapeutic wonders.

Indulge in an unparalleled journey of taste and sensation as you bite into the Extreme! Brownie. This irresistible delight combines scrumptious layers of chocolatey fudge, topped with a divine ganache and sprinkled with white chocolate shavings. Each bite seamlessly blends into an exceptional cannabis-infused experience. We take pride in our commitment to quality. The Extreme! Brownie boasts a meticulously curated blend of THC and Full Spectrum activated cannabinoids, never isolate or distillate. From the careful selection of the finest ingredients to the infusion process, every step is crafted with attention to detail. Our dedication to excellence ensures each brownie delivers consistent potency and unparalleled taste.

At Aunt Ellie's we're dedicated to quality and baking you happy! Available at quality dispensaries across Arizona.

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