Halo University: Learn About Our Products

Halo Infusions Overview

Hear about our company's history, innovative Full Spectrum Multi-Cannabinoid Infusion model, and our commitment to quality. We highlight our pioneering contributions to the cannabis industry and our diverse product offerings.

Whole Plant Therapy

Whole Plant Therapy, also known as the "entourage effect", is the therapeutic use of the entire cannabis plant rather than isolated cannabinoids. This approach leverages the synergistic effects of the plant's many compounds.

Introduction to Terpenes

An exploration of terpenes, their roles, and benefits. We cover the basic definition of terpenes, their interaction with cannabinoids, and the concept of the "entourage effect."

Understanding Cannabis Testing

We review the basic requirements for cannabis product testing in Arizona, and individually examine each portion of a product's Certificate of Analysis.

Metabolism of THC

We explore how THC undergoes a multi-step metabolism process. When inhaled, THC rapidly enters the bloodstream through the lungs, while ingestion leads to slower absorption via the digestive tract.

Indica vs Sativa

We discuss the essential differences between Indica and Sativa types of cannabis.  Along the way, we examine the history of cannabis and how Indica and Sativa differ in appearance and use.

Aunt Ellie's Double Stack Display

Aunt Ellie's Brownies

An overview of Halo Infusions' philosophy and product offerings, focusing on their range of Aunt Ellie's brownies.

Aunt Ellie's Cookies

Welcome to one of Aunt Ellie's premier edible treat -- our 100mg RSO-infused cookies.  Five delightful recipes that taste like home.

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Chronic Health Tinctures

Our Chronic Health line of award-winning RSO-infused tinctures. We highlight our commitment to full-spectrum, whole-plant extracts.

Chronic Health Topicals

Our line of RSO-infused topical products includes ointments, lotions, and roll-ons. We highlight our company's philosophy of whole-plant medicine and our unique infusion methods.


Cannabliss Gummies

Our line of RSO-infused gummies are unique in their RSO infusion.  Variations include THC, 1:1 THC:CBD, Sour, and Spicy.

Cannabliss Hot Sauces

Known as "420 Sauces", these savory delights add spice to any meal.  We describe the unique nature of this cannabis product, providing a sharable savory edible experience.

Cannabliss THC Syrups

Our new line of Cannabliss THC Syrups are infused beverage enhancers extraordinaire'. Cannabliss THC Syrups come in four flavors and mix with anything -- alcohol or water based.

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Canna Confections Chocolate Bars

Canna Confections includes our line of RSO-infused chocolate bars. We highlight our philosophy of combining the rich history and flavors of chocolate with cannabis using full-spectrum extracts. Our line includes milk, dark, and white chocolate bars in potencies ranging from 100mg to 1000mg THC.

Canna Confections Flower Pops

Canna Confections RSO-infused Flower Pops are the go-to for rapid onset sublingual dosing.  Available in five mouth-watering flavors, hard candies and lollipops are ideal for those seeking fast-acting relief in a discreet package.

Canna Confections Rice Mellows

Our Canna Confections Rice Mellows are cannabis-infused rice crispy treats.  In this presentation, we provide an overview of the Rice Mellows, highlighting their fruit-flavored rice cereal, marshmallow, and butter composition, resulting in a nostalgic, delightful taste and texture reminiscent of a childhood snack.

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Pure & Simple Juices

Introducing our ready-to-drink RSO-infused beverages.  We review our flavors and highlight their natural ingredients, rapid onset of effects, and overall health benefits.

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Canine CBD Therapy

Introducing our full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs, providing therapeutic benefits for anxiety and chronic pain. We review product formulation, including fish oil and hemp seed oil for added health benefits.